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Professional sports teams and elite organizations are always looking for the next edge in recovery methods. To be fair, pro athletes are breaking down their bodies for a living, and staying in peak condition for the next game means recovery is as much a part of their daily life as breathing. Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa is honored to introduce our 5-Star athlete recovery program. Our methodology combines holistic nutrition, and athletic therapy to ensure optimal performance for the preseason, in-season, and off season of any sport. Athletes risk injury every time they train, practice, and compete. The best teams and organizations understand that recovery and performance are directly connected, and they take both very seriously. 

Designed with the athlete in mind our program prevent injuries and repair muscles by practicing revolutionary techniques and proven methods to recover based on knowledge of pain management, human anatomy and nutrition. Our injury- management system evaluates injury based on three phases. First phase is Recovery, Suggested after a workout for someone with minimal to no injury present. The second phase is injury prevention, which is recommended if a person has had a previous injury and trying to avoid re-injury. The third phase is pain management intended to help reduce the amount of discomfort felt by various injuries from years of playing. Lastly, Proper nutrition, the best way to maximize training recovery daily. The nutrition plan will be tailored to an athlete’s phase of injury or physical activity level.  Our main goal is providing nutrient- dense meals through wholesome foods.   

Food provides the foundational support to fuel the mind and body so we start by improving nourishment.  To maintain optimal performance during periods of high intensity exercise nutrition is critical. We ensure every meal is prepared with locally sourced foods such as grass-fed beef, wild- caught fish, and organic chicken and vegetables. Using natural foods has more nutritional value and fewer questionable additives. We also use the top 100 herbs and spices for healing in every recipe. Our chefs have come up with the perfect seasoning blends that provide flavor and therapeutic components to your meal. Combining wholesome foods and our seasoning blends, people can thrive and focus on fulfilling caloric needs, suppling protein to aid in strengthening and growth, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and provide the body with basic vitamins without the use of supplements.

Athletes need certain essential dietary nutrients to meet the everyday demands of life and Diamond Sweetness nutritional programs provides everyone with the necessary components for a healthy career and overall a healthy life. We develop strategic nutrition programs to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve a higher level of performance. Our holistic chef’s works with a variety of populations, including athletes of all ages and levels, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone else. We create an intentional food experience that aligns with your team or organization’s objectives. Our chef’s tailor meals with the whole body in mind so your team can be properly fueled before and after practice or competitions. 

Our next goal is muscle recovery. Muscles can become damaged for a variety of reasons, most commonly by injury, surgery or over use. Improving recovery through manual therapy can help treat acute pain, chronic pain, and repetitive injuries in professional and collegiate athletes. Our Recovery. Injury Prevention. Pain Management (R.I.P) system will bring death to all injuries.

  • Recovery Therapy

  • Injury prevention Therapy

  • Pain management Therapy

Enhance your team or organization’s performance with these recovery methods. All these approaches take a little effort and a small portion of time.  Athletes that don’t recover are cheating themselves in the gym! 

One constant in an athlete’s career is the demand for staying at the top of their game, and pushing it to new levels. Players can take full advantage in the preseason and off-season with our Athlete Recovery Program. The scenery may change, but a player’s road to optimal performance never ends. Leading athletes look for competitive advantages every day by maximizing their recovery. They not only reduce their risk of injury, but also heal faster so they can train harder. Balancing performance against recovery is key to optimizing training and success. Recommend Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa to your team or organization to help them prevent injuries and improve their overall health so they always enjoy the sport they love.

Athletes reach elite status by performing at peak levels as frequently as possible. Repairing their bodies after strenuous activity is critical for sustaining high level performance. Here at Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa we work to stay on the forefront of science and research in our field of holistic recovery by collaborating with our network of researchers, partners, and industry professionals. We have proven success rates working with professionals. We provide the support needed to help your team meet its goals. We only do what works best for the team and every player. If your team or organization implements these recovery and restoration methods, your team will feel better and more importantly, your team can train harder and experience less injuries. Some injuries are unavoidable, but if a team manages to reduce them, it’s not luck, its preparation.