About Us

Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa is a luxurious traveling massage & catering company focused on nourishing the body.

We believe your vitality, longevity and overall happiness is directly linked to how you center and fuel your body. We all have bio-individuality, which means your body is unique and responds to food and stress differently than another. Our goal is to nourish the body through nutrition and therapeutic touch. Our catering team promises to provide healthy food that taste good to everyone everywhere. While our massage team guarantees you access to affordable, convenient, safe, and result-driven massage therapy. Our company is super passionate about anything food and health related. 

If we don't have our health, we have nothing. Nutrition and therapeutic touch have been proven to prevent and reverse many illnesses.

Our clients are tired of relying on greasy and salty take out foods and poor quality massage sessions. They want to improve their health through eating delicious healthy meals and receiving massage therapy that works. We rely heavily on our relationships in and around the area with local farmers, purchasing only the finest, pesticide-free, organic produce, always selecting certified hormone-free dairy products and ordering only free-range, grass-fed meats and poultry to support the local economy.  We pride ourselves on helping you cultivate a appreciation for nourishing the body.

Meet Our Leaders

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Chef Don is our Executive Nutritional Chef. With extraordinary expertise in holistic nutrition Chef Don has redefined the kitchen as a place of true healing.

His knowledge combined with curiosity for the healing powers of food, brings his clients valuable information and exciting ingredients that will change their lives. His culinary repertoire flourished while working at the University of Detroit Mercy and Cedar Pointe as the catering manager. He defined his career while employed with the Detroit Lions. From coordinating meals for university events, park concourse events, and athletic teams Chef Don discovered his passion. Having never worked in a restaurant and specializing in sports nutrition and healing foods he opts to start his journey to be an Executive Chef.

Chef Don joined Diamond Sweetness in 2014. Since then guest who’ve experienced Chef’s Don American Fusion Cuisine rant and rave of the brilliant flavors and robust aroma.

Having catered countless events, Chef Don is the fan favorite. For him the most communal and bonding experience is seeing others come together to share a meal. When Chef Don is not catering he’s a personal chef helping families eat healthier. Primarily cooking for professional athletes, busy moms, and those looking to use food for preventive health. Chef Don is truly passionate about cooking, and helping ANYONE who is open to true health!

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Roxana Davenport joined Passiflora Spa in 2016 and has proven to be a “massage guru”. Using a blend of ancient & modern innovative techniques Roxana has transformed the massage industry.

Specializing in sports therapy Roxana has had the privilege of working with various professional teams and athletes from both U.S & Canada. Taking care of athletes has been Roxana’s motivation and strength throughout her career. Understanding the pressure of performance and the inability to perform due to injury has helped her advance to new heights. Roxana is a true healing intermediary, offering our massage clients improved mobility, increased flexibility, and new perspectives, in order to enable clients to be more successful in all aspects of their personal, professional, physical and mental lives.

Exercising her platform at Passiflora Spa, Roxana’s new journey is to help alleviate everyone from stress and pain.

Getting back to the basics helped Roxana expand her clientele. Experiencing the challenges of her clients is her new found inspiration. With the stress of this present world, reestablishing harmony between yourself and the world around you is Roxana’s main goal.  In just a short time she has helped numerous clients achieve their ideal lifestyle. Her ambition and willingness to want to heal society precedes her immense reputation. The kind of passion athletes have when they’re running on the field, dribbling down the court or skating on the ice is the same kind of passion that fuels Roxana in all she do as a massage therapist.