Who Is Passiflora Spa

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Did you know that an estimated 40 million adults suffer from mild to severe pain daily? Is this you?

The Problem Is Pain Causes Stress, This Leads To Muscle Tension, Also Sleepless Nights, And As A Result It’s Tough To Accomplish Your Daily Task.

Imagine being pain-free, stress-free, feeling focused, and relaxed. Your passport to feeling your best starts today!


Our Massage Services Have Been Proven To Give You Immediate Relief From Pain And Stress. Unlike “Pain Killers” Massage Is Risk-Free. Our Proven Therapy Involves Hands-On Techniques To Help Increase Circulation, Relieve Tension, Reduce Stress, Relieve Anxiety, Improve Sleep, And Promote Relaxation Throughout The Entire Body, As Well As Many Other Benefits. Discover Result-Driven Massage Therapy That Will Make You Feel Brand New. 

Why Sacrifice Experience, And Quality To Save A Few Dollars? At Passiflora Spa An Experience Therapist Will Arrive To Your Home, Hotel, Or Office To Deliver Your Massage – Bringing The Massage Table, Music, And Supplies For The Best Massage. You Receive A Full 60-Minute Massage Or Spa Treatment, And A Complimentary Gift Bag For All Members And First-Time Guest Only. Get The Massage You Need, Right Where You Are, When You Need It. 

While One Massage Can Certainly Help, It Packs The Greatest Benefits Over Time. Taking Part In Getting Regular Massages Will Determine How Healthy You’ll Be And How Youthful You’ll Remain With Each Passing Year. Now It’s Easy And Affordable To Receive Regular Massage & Spa Treatments With Our Membership Program.

A growing body of research supports massage therapy for health and wellness. Consider massage a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan. Make an appointment today, and feel better tomorrow!

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It’s time to focus on you! Your journey to luxurious wellness begins here with these steps:

  1. To Book An Appointment, Please Text Us With Your Request At 734-656-8109.

  2. A Team Member Will Contact You Shortly To Confirm Availability.

  3. Then You Will Receive A Confirmation Email After Speaking With A Team Member.

  4. Lastly Relax, The True Definition Of Luxury Is On Its Way To You.

We look forward to hearing from you….and will get back to you to schedule your massage! Experience the difference with the Passiflora membership program, a subscription for wellness.