Benefits of A Corporate Wellness Membership

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Corporate Wellness Program

For three years a tech firm implemented a wellness program. Program director Mark Envy saved an estimated $365 per person, per year implementing a wellness program within his tech company. If mark had 461 employees, an employee wellness program could save around $168,265 a year. What is a Corporate Wellness Program?  Wellness programs are organized by an employer and offer employee benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and doing their part to prevent future health issues. In this article, Mark is going to share with us how he chooses a program his employees love and the benefits he has experienced implementing the right wellness program.  

Mark Experience


MARK: Prior to choosing a program our employees loved, our company implemented two other wellness programs. The first Wellness initiative focused on punishing employees for poor health habits, our employees hated it. Penalizing unhealthy behavior wasn’t our intention. We wanted to offer programs to help our employees become healthier—rather than simply charging for unhealthy behaviors. The second wellness program lacked effectiveness. The program focused on physical health alone. Many employees stop using the program because it wasn’t beneficial. Wellness is so much more than just the physical. Finally, we surveyed our employees and asked what would they prefer our wellness program include? What would make them use the program? And what benefits did they expect from the program?

Our employees informed us that they wanted a more personalized benefit experience that presents options available to them based on their needs. Many of our employees associated their jobs with stress, pain, and overall unhealthiness. They wanted access to healthier food options and ways to relieve mental stress. We decided to search for a wellness program that would work with our employees to help them develop healthy habits. After a long search we selected Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa.


Best Business Strategies

They worked closely with us to develop the best strategies to ensure our program was effective. We dedicated a day to introduce our new wellness program, and help familiarize our employees with the benefits. It was useful to nominate a “wellness leader” with whom our employees can speak, should they need more information. Our leader also ensures all future employees are on-boarded successfully and know how to participate. Our wellness program remains effective because we make sure each and every employee is familiar with our wellness program options.

It’s safe to say that many of our employees felt stress as a result of things they encounter on the job. Stress isn’t just unhealthy for individuals, but it’s also unhealthy for our company as a whole; it leads to unnecessary sick days, increased worker errors, and generally lower productivity. Passiflora Spa wellness program at work has helped decrease stress and absenteeism and improve employee morale. Implementing massage helped increase our roster of adaptable employees. Everyone can roll with the punches and shift with changing responsibilities with ease and minimal frustration. By implementing an employee wellness program, we helped our most engaged employees adapt to change, increased their performance and reduced their stress levels. Relax the office regularly with a professional massage, it’s truly effective.

Increase Job Performance

One study found that employees who eat healthy are 25% more likely to have higher job performance. Infusing healthy eating into the office is easy with Diamond Sweetness Catering. It’s nearly impossible for some employees to find a healthy lunch, a catered lunch guarantees there is nutritious food available for our employees to consume and help complete the day in better spirits. We improved employee culture by giving our employees something in common to talk about like how great the food was at the business meeting. Food definitely improves company communication and promote people working together toward the same goal—outside of their usual work responsibilities. Healthy food supports good health at the same time. Bring the magic of food into the workplace and watch it inspire a team.  


We’ve been able to stay ahead of demand and stay competitive in the talent market by having a wellness program. Our program engages and benefits employees outside of the office, they feel that their job now has a positive impact on multiple aspects of their lives. Millennials increasingly expect work perks that make a difference, like workplace wellness options. Offering this type of perk gave our company an advantage in the recruiting process. Avoid scrambling to develop a worthwhile program when employee wellness matures into a must-have benefit. If you can show potential employees that you’re invested in their well-being, you’ll gain an advantage over companies offering only bare-bones benefits. This has been a key advantage when recruiting top talent for our company.

Diamond Sweetness & Passiflora Spa corporate wellness program focused on helping people in our company understand that they have an important role and purpose in the company and their day-to-day focus is key to performance and makes a difference for others. They’ve helped develop a corporate sense of awareness for employees and encourage them to be mindful of energy/time wasting behaviors. The program dramatically increased the level of happiness, satisfaction, and self-worth with employees. Our workplace culture has become a natural expression of what’s possible in the community. We conclude that employee wellness programs definitely deserve your company’s attention and investment.

Thank you Mark, Having a corporate wellness program is imperative to the foundation of your business. According to Gallup polls, U.S. companies lose an estimated 153 billion dollars a year in losses due to depression, illness, job related stress, and absenteeism. Not to mention the cost when employees lack being focused and aren’t performing at optimal levels. Studies show that workplace wellness initiatives indicates that for every dollar spent on a wellness program, companies receive a 300% ROI. Employees will appreciate your investment in their health over the long term. If having less stressed, healthier, and more engaged employees and a shared company culture that values well-being is of importance to you, a wellness program may be a good fit for your business and prove successful. An office of happy, healthy employees is a beautiful thing—and a great wellness program can create just that.